Google’s new Noto emoji brings back nostalgia for “blobs”

google noto emoji

Google has introduced a new Noto emoji font, which brings back the simple black and white emoji it created back in time. These noto emoji are meant to simplify emoji and represent what is being talked about. Plus, emojis representing humans will remind you of Google’s famous blobs! Here’s a look.

Google reintroduces the concept of simple emoji

try noto emoji Build over-the-top realism and detail in emoji these days Easy. Google says “By removing as much detail as possible, emoji can be more flexible, specifically representing the idea of ​​something rather than what’s in front of you.,

While some are only “1:1 conversions”, others require some modifications. And, there are a set of emoji that require a full blown rework.

Then “People emoji” turned into droplets again And if you’ve used Android before the introduction of Android 8 Oreo, you know how cute they used to be. However, this time around, Google has introduced black and white versions of the blobs instead of the yellow monotone. It is said that Google brought back some of the parts that made Blobs special and dropped the ones that didn’t work. Here take a look at some of them.

Google Noto Emoji Blobs Introduced

However, Google notes that introducing simple emoji was not an easy task, especially in the case of flags. Google’s blog post reads, “You can’t just convert the flags to black and white. You won’t be able to tell the difference between Finland and Sweden. You can redraw the flags but this runs the risk of getting them wrong.So to make things right, the company added the ISO’s country codes to make each flag distinct and identifiable.

It turns out that the new Changeable color, size and weight of the noto emoji, Also, Google has introduced dark and light modes to match the UI and current times of the OS. It’s also a changeable font, which means, you can go for lighter grades to make it appear smaller or bold to make them appear larger.

Google Noto Emoji Blobs Introduced

You can download the new Noto emoji font from here, and if you do, let us know your thoughts on them in the comments below.

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