Google is killing its lightweight YouTube Go app; Why over here!

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Back in 2016, this was the time when several lightweight versions of the popular Google apps came into existence. The aim was to make Google apps accessible to people who live in areas with low internet connectivity or who have low-end devices. In 2022, one of those Google apps is now being retired. Google has revealed that it will be shutting down the YouTube Go app soon. Why here?

YouTube Go app is shutting down

Google has revealed through a blog post that YouTube Go app will cease to exist Later this August. The tech giant recommends users visit the main YouTube app or to continue using the video-streaming platform.

The company says that it launched YouTube Go in areas where the company could not deliver the experience of the main app. However, this has changed over the years.

The blog post states, “When we launched YouTube Go in 2016, it was designed for audiences in places where connectivity, data costs and low-cost devices kept us from delivering the best experience in the main YouTube app. Since then, YouTube has invested in improving the core YouTube app that makes it perform better in these environments, as well as providing a better user experience that encompasses our entire community.,

It is also learned that The YouTube experience is also improved on low-end smartphones or in areas with slow Internet speeds, YouTube is also expected to get better user controls such as the ability to reduce mobile data usage for those with limited data. However, a release timeline is not known.

To justify this decision, Google emphasizes the fact that YouTube Go was devoid of various features of the main app such as dark mode and the ability to comment, share, like and much more. However, the Go version of the app had an interesting feature of sharing videos locally without the need for data, which the main YouTube app lacks.

While it seems reasonable to let go of its “lighter” Go app, given the way YouTube has evolved over the years, it remains to be seen whether the same holds for other Google Go apps like Maps, Gmail, Search, and more. It’s luck. More. What are your thoughts on this decision? Do you think it’s okay that the YouTube Go app is shutting down? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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