Google is discontinuing this 16 year old service, which could mean for Google Maps users

NEW DELHI: It is time to say goodbye Google Bookmark. The search giant is discontinuing the service that has existed for almost 16 years. Coming 09/30/2021, Google bookmarks is blocked for all users.
“As of September 30, 2021, Google Bookmarks will no longer be supported,” says a banner on the Google Bookmarks page. Until then, the company allows users to export their bookmarks. Users can go to and click “Export Bookmarks” to get a copy of their data.
While bookmarks may not be a very popular service, the closure will likely affect the Starred Locations feature in Google Maps saved in Google bookmarks. The two should be in sync. Does turning off Google Bookmarks also mean that the users’ “marked” locations will also be deleted? So far there is no clarity about this. One way out for users, according to 9to5Google, is to change the list that Maps stores these locations in, as only the “marked” list is synced with bookmarks.
How to save a location on Google Maps using a PC
Google Maps allows users to add their favorite places to a list for easy reference later. How to do it:

  • Open Google Maps.
  • Click or search for a company, location, or a range of latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Save and then select your list.
  • Only the user can find their saved locations unless they share the list of locations themselves. Google can anonymously share the combined saved location information of users.

How to save a location from another website
If a website has an embedded map from Google Maps, you can save this location in your Google Maps

  • Open the website with a map embedded in Google Maps
  • To get information about a place, click a place on the map. Now click on Save and then select a list.
  • Your star and website name will appear on your desktop and mobile Google Maps.

Note: Saving a place is not the same as downloading or adding an offline place


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