Google introduces two new features for Chrome users

Internet search giant Google introduced new functions for its internet browser Google Chrome – with the latest chrome 92 update – to make it more secure.
Easily check the permissions of any website
You can check all the permissions for a given website by tapping the lock icon on the left side of the Chrome address bar.
Tapping it will bring up a panel showing a Permissions section. From there you can see what permissions you have given for that particular site.
In addition, you can also change these permission settings by simply turning them on or off.
This feature comes first in Chrome on Android phones and tablets, and later on other platforms.

Do things from the address bar
The Chrome browser allows you to take actions by typing them in the address bar. For example, if you type “security check,” it will verify the security of passwords, scan for malicious extensions, and more. Similarly, Manage Security Settings or Manage Sync will perform these quick actions too, so you don’t have to look for them in the Settings section of the app.

Security and privacy improvements
Apart from these two functions, Google is also improving the security aspects of the browser.
With the new Chrome 92 update, Chrome extends Site Isolation, a security feature that protects you from malicious websites. “Site Isolation will now cover a wider range of websites and extensions, and all of that come with tweaks that will improve Chrome’s speed,” the company said in a blog post.
It also adds image processing improvements in Chrome. Because of this, the company said, phishing detection is now 50 times faster and uses less battery.


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