google: Google’s latest “experiment” with Chrome will improve your search

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser. The tech giant keeps adding new features to bring something new to users every now and then. The latest features improve the search experience. According to a blog post by the company, Google is starting a new experiment with the aim of making it easier to navigate, explore, and keep track of the things you find on the web.

A new feature called Journeys

Journeys is the latest “experimental” feature from Google and is aimed at those who travel a lot and like to search for restaurants, attractions, and more. There are times when you have already started looking into a topic and have visited multiple websites over the course of several days or weeks. You may have found helpful information that you want to revisit. However, they are not really looking for the same material and they may go to other sites to read or shop. “To help you take stock of completed research, revisit that one helpful nugget, and explore a particular topic further, we’re experimenting with a new feature called Journeys,” Google said in the blog post.
For example, if you were looking for a trip to the mountains or to a beach, Journeys will group all of the pages you have visited for that particular search so that you can easily view them without going through your browsing history. “You will also see suitable search suggestions so that you can plan your trip right there,” explains Google.
Users have the option to deactivate journeys at any time. Google also made it clear that the Journeys experiment will only group the history on your device – nothing will be stored in your Google account. “Based on user feedback and interest, future releases may include the ability to access Journeys in chrome across multiple devices (just like bookmarks or passwords), “added Google in the blog post.
Google rolls in journeys as an experiment Chrome canary on the desktop and says it looks forward to feedback so we can keep improving it before it gets widespread. For the uninitiated, Chrome Canary is a “raw” version of the Chrome browser intended for those looking to try out new features. The stable version reaches out to users and has no bugs compared to Canary where you may come across some of them.


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