Google Duo: Google Duo is getting an update: New button and any other functionality users might get

Google rolls an update for the Google Duo App that offers a simpler home screen. The update was announced by the company via a support forum post and was first discovered by the Android police.
Google says the old buttons will be removed. Instead, a New Call button is added.
As Google says in the post, the button will activate Duo app Users can start a call on Google Duo, create a group, view groups and contact lists, and call their “home” device. The update will be made available to users of the Google Duo app in the next few weeks.
In the post, Google explains how users can access features that it removes from the home screen. To send a message to a contact, you need to tap the contact and then click the Message button. If you want to send a message to multiple users, you must first create a group. To create a new group, tap the New Call button and then the Create Group link.
Contacts and existing groups can be found via the search or via the entry point “New call”. You can invite a friend to join Google Duo by tapping New Call and searching for a contact in either the search bar or the contact list.
As Google Meet has grown in popularity, the company appears to have shifted its focus from the Google Duo. The tech giant has introduced some of the features of the Duo app to Google Meet Platform. This includes the recently added ability to add call filters and effects. Rumor has it that the Google Duo app could soon be phased out with Meet as Google’s primary video conferencing platform.


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