Google Docs introduces new stylistic writing suggestions

Google Docs has offered autocorrect and grammar check tools for a while now. Now it’s adding more advanced features to help you further improve your writing style.

Google Docs will soon provide various stylistic and writing suggestions in documents to make your writing more concise, inclusive and dynamic. As you type, you’ll see suggestions for structuring sentences with the active voice, removing unnecessary words, and using alternative words to add variety and avoid repetitive words in your documents. In addition, Google Docs can now also detect potentially discriminatory and inappropriate expressions and provide suggestions to make your writing more inclusive to your audience. You’ll see the following suggestions in the docs:

  • Alt text
  • using active voice
  • make sentence structure more concise
  • use more inclusive language
  • potentially inappropriate words

You’ll see suggestions when there are opportunities to structure a sentence with the active voice or when a sentence could be more concise, helping to make your writing more impactful. Potentially discriminatory or inappropriate language flagged Along with suggestions on how to make your writing more inclusive and appropriate for your audience,” the official announcement blog post reads.

The tone and style suggestions will show up as purple lines. Clicking on the graph will display a brief description of the suggestion, with two buttons allowing you to accept or decline the suggestion. These features will be turned on by default, and you can control them from the Tools menu.

Stylistic writing suggestions will begin to become available to Google Workspace users in the coming weeks. Tone and style suggestions will be available for Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus customers. Meanwhile, the word warning for inappropriate and discriminatory language will be available to Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standards, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Up subscribers.

Google Docs recently added support for more Markdown syntax, allowing users to format text and add titles and links to their documents.

Source: Google Workspace Blog

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