Google brings this “cool” image search tool to desktop users, here’s how it works

Google finally makes image search easier for desktop users with the Chrome 92 To update.
The company is expanding its visual search service, Lens, to offer the tool to desktop users chrome Web browser.
According to a report by 9to5Google, Google lens becomes the new built-in image search tool for Chrome and replaces the old “Search Google for images” option from the right-click submenu for images.
Google Lens in Chrome works similarly to the previous option. The search results are redirected to a completely new website “” instead of displaying the search results in the traditional layout.
On the website, the image you are looking for is displayed on the left and the results are displayed in the right column of the page.
The search result is displayed with multiple sections that contain top hits, similar images, related content, and other search terms. There will also be an option to try again with Google Images.
Users are given the manual upload option which allows them to upload a photo of their choice to conduct image search using Google Lens.
9to5Google announced that Google Lens support for Chrome will be introduced with the update to version 92. However, the feature was not available at the time of this writing.


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