Galaxy Watch 4 gets Samsung Internet Browser App with Wear OS 3

The main problem Android users had with previous Samsung smartwatches is the support for third-party apps, which is expected to be fixed in the Galaxy Watch 4 from apps through the Play Store.
Samsung has also started updating its old wearable apps to support the new Galaxy Watch 4 duo. Last month the company updated the PPT Controller app to support the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Now it offers the same update for that Samsung internet browser.

According to a report by Tizen Help, the update adds support for Wear OS-based smartwatches. However, it currently only supports the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.
Samsung internet browser
With the Samsung internet browser on the Galaxy Watch 4, you can open any website, watch YouTube videos, add bookmarks, and even do a quick search. Browsing on a watch doesn’t sound like an ideal way to keep browsing the internet for long periods of time, but it can be useful for small tasks like checking a name or finding a place.
The app has a zoom mode that allows users to read text on their Galaxy Watch 4 while browsing, and includes support for voice input, swipe gestures, and a keyboard. It also includes a Show on phone option that allows you to switch from the watch to your phone.
A browser on a smartwatch isn’t new, Samsung also has a browser for its Tizen-based smartwatches, and even the Apple Watch has built-in browsing capabilities (although there is no dedicated Apple Watch version of Safari).


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