Clubhouse is no longer an invitation-only app, it is open to everyone

NEW DELHI: Audio app only for social networks Clubhouse was launched last year and the App managed to gain a lot of popularity in one year. For now only available on iOS, the app has been expanded to Android recently. Now the invitation-only app has ended the beta phase and is open to everyone.
Clubhouse co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth announced that the app no ​​longer required invitations. The app also got a new logo and a new website. The app gets a new icon every month, and that month’s icon is Justin ‘Meezy’ Williams, an entrepreneur who runs 21 Savage, one of the most well-known operators in the Atlanta music scene.
In a blog post, the company said, “The invitation system was an important part of our early history. By adding people in waves, greeting new faces every week in our Wednesday orientations, and speaking to the community every Sunday in town hall, we’ve been able to grow the clubhouse moderately and keep things from breaking while we’ve been scaling. ”
“But we always wanted the clubhouse to be open. Everyone in the world should have access to meaningful conversation. And the best rooms in the clubhouse are where you meet people from far outside your social circle, ”added the company.
Last week Clubhouse launched its private messaging feature – Backchannel. With the new function, users can chat individually and in groups and also send links in the clubhouse. To start a DM or a backchannel, you have to find a paper plane-like symbol on every profile page or swipe right in the main menu. Currently, the feature does not allow users to delete messages.


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