Bryz’s Stone Pro TB4 12-Port Docking Station Now Available to Buy

Brydge has announced that its latest Thunderbolt docking station, the Brydge Stone Pro TB4, is available for purchase starting today. This dock gives you a total of 12 ports (though that includes the host connection port) so you can connect a variety of peripherals to your laptop or desktop PC. It also has a sleek and diminutive design that supports both horizontal and vertical orientation.

The Bryz Stone Pro TB4 is the first docking station the company makes to be certified for Thunderbolt 4 (though some were based on Thunderbolt 3, which has similar specs). As you’d expect, it adds an array of connectivity to your laptop, and it focuses mostly on Thunderbolt and USB accessories. This gives you four Thunderbolt ports (one for connecting to the host), so you can connect Thunderbolt-based peripherals like displays, external GPUs, and ultra-fast storage. The Host Connection also supports 90W power delivery, so it can charge your laptop from the same port.

Additionally, you get three USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports and another Type-A port with USB 2.0 speeds, so you can also use more traditional peripherals like your mouse and keyboard. There’s also a headphone jack and an SD card reader, with support for the SD 4.0 standard and UHS-II speeds. Finally, there’s a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired Internet connections, which most laptops nowadays don’t include.

What you don’t get with this dock is a traditional display output like HDMI or DisplayPort, which may have been preferred. These connectors are still easy to find on most monitors, so this would have been a welcome addition for many users.

The Bryz Stone Pro TB4 is compatible with any laptop with a Thunderbolt port, though there are some limitations to keep in mind, especially on MacBooks. External GPUs are not supported by Apple Silicon (the M1 series of processors), and the M1 chip itself supports only one external display, although the dock itself is capable of driving two 4K monitors. If your laptop doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3 or 4, you should still be able to use the dock, but with less functionality.

You can buy the Bryz Stone Pro TB4 starting today for $329.99, and you can shop it below. It’s a pretty competitive price for what you’re getting here.

    Bryz Stone Pro TB4Bryz Stone Pro TB4

    The Bryz Stone Pro TB4 is a powerful docking station with a wide range of ports, including three Thunderbolt 4 ports, USB Type-A, and Ethernet. Also, it has a sleek design.

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