[both sizes]Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will reportedly have a bigger battery

Update 1 (04/01/2022 , 02:52 ET): According to a pair of regulatory listings reported by SamMobile, it looks like the bigger Galaxy Watch 5 will also have a larger battery capacity. The larger Galaxy Watch 5 with model number EB-BR910ABY is expected to use a 398mAh battery – an increase from the 361mAh battery found in the current 44mm Galaxy Watch 4.

Article published on March 15, 2022protected below.

Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 4 series back in August, marking a return to Google’s Wear OS platform after Samsung used its own Tizen software for several years. Assuming that the company is sticking to an annual release schedule, the Galaxy Watch 5 series could appear later this year, and now we may have our first details about the watches.

sammobile Claims that the smaller Galaxy Watch 5 (model number SM-R900) will ship with a rated battery capacity of 276mAh, citing an unspecified “regulatory filing”. If true, this would make the battery a bit bigger than the battery in the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4, which has a 247mAh capacity. Poor battery life is often cited as a concern in reviews for the smaller Galaxy Watch 4 – when I tried the smaller Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (which has the same battery), I was very much at odds with the battery life. Wasn’t the problem, but pulling up to last two days on a single charge is definitely tough.

Approximate picture of the battery (source: Sammobile)

There’s no information yet on what battery Samsung will be using for the larger Galaxy Watch 5, or any other information other than the battery for the smaller watch. It’s also unclear whether the larger battery will require a larger watch frame, which can be troubling for anyone with smaller wrists looking for an upgrade—there aren’t many options for a compact smartwatch.

The 42mm Galaxy Watch 4 and 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 pack a 5nm Exynos W920 chipset, 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and multiple sensors for monitoring health information. The larger model is equipped with a 1.36-inch round display and a 361mAh battery, while the smaller watch packs a 1.19-inch display and a 247mAh battery. The watches primarily use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity, but Samsung also sells LTE models with the ability to connect to cellular networks.

Source: sammobile

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