Blizzard will reveal its upcoming Warcraft Mobile title on May 3rd

Blizzard confirms Warcraft Mobile title on May 3rd

Earlier this year, we saw Activision Blizzard confirmed to release a new mobile game based on its long-running Warcraft franchise. Now, Blizzard has officially announced that it will be revealing the new Warcraft Mobile title on May 3 due to the increasing popularity of mobile games in the market. See details below!

Warcraft Mobile title coming May 3rd

Activision Blizzard recently took to Twitter to announce the unveiling of the upcoming Warcraft Mobile title, amid an ongoing acquisition by Microsoft. The company has confirmed this in its latest tweet from the official handle of World of Warcraft (attached below). Reveal new mobile title on May 3rd, 10 AM PT (10:30 PM IST),

The new Warcraft Mobile title will be unveiled through an online event that Will be live-streamed on the official website of the company, Hence, interested gamers can tune in on the said date and time to watch the event live and get all the information about the much-awaited mobile title based on the company’s long-running Warcraft universe.

For those who don’t know, a World of Warcraft-based title currently available on iOS and Android called Hearthstone is a casual, card-collecting game. The upcoming title, however, Expected to follow Action RPG (Role-Playing Game) format, Other details about the new Warcraft Mobile title are cryptic for now.

Now, this isn’t the first time that a console franchise is expanding to mobile platforms. Games like Call of Duty and Fortnite became massively popular in the mobile gaming market. Citing popularity, Respawn also joined the bandwagon by bringing its uber-popular Apex Legends title to mobile devices. In fact, Riot has already confirmed and is currently working to release the mobile version of its 5v5, tactical FPS title Valorant soon.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has also confirmed the release of a new Diablo title called Diablo Immortal for Android, iOS and PC on June 2. So, stay tuned for more details about these in the coming days.

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