bgmi: BGMI October update with new game modes, Payload 2.0 and more


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is getting a new update this month that brings several new features, game modes, changes, and more
While the official release date of October 1.6.5 update is still a mystery, Krafton posted a video on the game’s official Instagram page revealing full patch notes, new features, and more.
As for the new features, the October update brings some classic modes like zombie Mode, Runic power, Infection mode and more. Other than that, the game will come with Payload 2.0.
BGMI October update: Estimated release date
As already mentioned, Krafton has not yet announced the official release date for the update. However, recent leaks and rumors suggest it could arrive tomorrow (October 15th).
BGMI October Update: Changelog
Runic power
Runic Power will come into play with the 1.6.5 update. In this mode, players can collect rune crystals with special skills. There will be three types of crystals – wind rune, flame rune, and ice rune.
The wind rune will also have two powers called Wind Shelter and Wind Boost. The Flame Rune has Magmarad and Scorching Ammo Power. Finally the ice rune has ice wall and freeze ammunition power.
Viral infection mode
In this mode, players compete against zombies. Zombies will attack players and try to infect them, and players will have to defend themselves and kill zombies.
Payload 2.0
Another notable change BGMI is getting as part of the update is the update payload mode. The new payload mode now offers futuristic weapons and vehicles. Aside from that, players also get a bomb suit, UAV control terminal, and more.


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