Best 1440p Gaming Monitor?

The Viewsonic XG270QG is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a good quality 1440p monitor for their gaming setup. It supports a maximum refresh rate of 1440Hz at 165p, has great response times, and has very little input lag. All these things come together to provide a responsive and really enjoyable gaming experience. While there are some limitations due to the IPS panel, we still had a great time playing games and consuming media content during our time with the unit. G-Sync support makes it a bit pricey but it still comes with an attractive price tag of under $500, especially for all the features it brings to the table.

Aside from the panel’s image quality, there’s a lot to like about the XG270QG. For example, the overall build quality is impressive and we think your setup has just the right amount of RGB lighting to make it stand out without looking overly obnoxious. We also appreciate some thoughtful additions like the flexible mouse bungee and headphone hooks to help you stay away from cable clutter. This is a premium 1440p monitor that – regardless of price – offers a great value for money for serious buyers in the 1440p gaming monitor space.

    The Viewsonic XG270QG is one of the best options for those looking to invest in a high-end 1440p gaming monitor.

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Viewsonic Elite XG270QG review: Pricing and availability

  • The Viewsonic XG270QG is available for purchase now for $499.

The Viewsonic Elite XG270QG has been available for purchase for quite some time now. However, it recently went on sale in certain regions including India. This is one of several options available as a part of the Viewsonic Elite gaming monitor series, so be sure to check out options including the Ultra Wide and 1080p versions. They all differ slightly from each other in terms of specs and features, so you might want to take a look at those monitors before making a purchase decision. At the time of writing this review, the Viewsonic Elite XG270QG is readily available for purchase from Amazon in the US for $499. In India, you can get this monitor for ₹46,990, putting it right next to some other premium monitors.

Viewsonic Elite XG270QG review: Specifications

Before we jump into the Viewsonic XG270QG gaming monitor review, here’s a quick look at the specifications to see what it brings to the table

Specification Viewsonic XG270QG
Panel Type IPS technology
screen size 27 inches, 16:9
Max Supported Resolution 2560×1440
max refresh rate 165Hz, G-Sync
Response Time (GTG) 1ms
Static Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Glow 350 cd/m (typ)
viewing angle 178º Horizontal, 178º Vertical
blue light filter Yes
color gamut
  • DCI-P3: 98% Size (Type)
  • NTSC: 94% Size (Type)
  • sRGB: 133% Size / 100% Coverage (Type)
  • USB 3.2 Type-A Down Stream: 3
  • USB 3.2 Type B Up Stream: 1
  • 3.5mm Audio Out: 1
  • HDMI 1.4:1
  • DisplayPort: 1
  • Power in: DC socket (center positive)
weight 7.7 kg (4.7 without stand)
Dimensions 614 x 458.7~571.6 x 265
Guarantee market to market difference

design and build quality

  • The Viewsonic Elite XG270QG delivers impressive build quality with a metal stand that holds the monitor in place well.
  • This monitor comes with some extra features like two flexible mouse bungees and a headphone hook.

Viewsonic’s all-new Elite gaming monitors look quite different from the older monitors we’ve seen in the past. The company is clearly paying a lot of attention to the design department to make them stand out from the crowd. The result is an all-black gaming monitor, which we think has just the right amount of RGB lighting to add a touch of RGB flair to your setup. While the base of the stand is made of metal, the rest of the body – at least the exterior – is made of plastic. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, as it allows them to keep the overall weight of the monitor down, making it easier to handle, set up, and adjust.

Viewsonic XG270QG Monitor SwivelViewsonic XG270QG Monitor Swivel

You also get plenty of adjustment options for the monitor arm that comes with the Elite XG270QG. The monitor can rotate up to 45-degrees left or right, tilt between -5 and 20-degrees, or even 90-degrees in portrait mode. And if you don’t like the stand and monitor arm that come with the monitor, you can also use an external VESA mount or arm. We had no problem using the stand during the review to get the perfect angle for gaming.

There’s a hexagonal ring of RGB stripe that runs along the VESA mount on the back of the monitor. These lights can be programmed to show static or pulsating rings in different colors. You can change them either through the OSD controls located on the bottom of the monitor or by downloading a dedicated software from Viewsonic’s website. Additionally, there are two more RGB strips at the bottom of the display that can be controlled independently. On the bottom these lights, along with the RGB ring on the back, make for a very cool under-glow and background lighting effect. Sure, RGB lighting isn’t necessary for a monitor, but we like that the Elite XG270QG has just the right amount of lighting to add more personality to your setup, rather than making it look unsightly.

Next to the RGB strips below are two flexible mouse bungees that reside at the bottom of the monitor. While I wasn’t sure they were reliable enough to replace my traditional mouse bungee, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. This can be very useful for people who don’t already have a separate mouse bungee as part of their setup. And since the Elite XG270QG has one of these on either side, it makes it easier even for people who use their mouse with their left hand. Notably, there’s also a headphone hook on the left side of the monitor for hanging up your headphones when not in use. These are some thoughtful additions that we’d like to see implemented on other top-tier monitors as well.

Viewsonic Elite XG270QG review: Ports

  • The Viewsonic Elite XG270QG has a good selection of ports on the back.
  • All cables can be easily routed to hide in plain sight.

All the ports on the back of the Elite XG270QG gaming monitor and all face down for easy routing. This particular monitor is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 port and a DisplayPort 1.4 port as the primary connections. You also get three USB 3.0 ports and a USB Type-B upstream port. The cables can be easily routed through a hole on the monitor arm to hide it from general sight. There is also a plastic cover to hide the port area at the back.

The monitor also has a Kensington lock under the 2W speakers, which are also located on the back. While you can totally ignore these speakers because they also have a headphone passthrough, we suggest you try them out at least once. They’re not going to replace a dedicated pair of stereo speakers, but we think these get loud enough and output crisp and clear audio. You can use them when sharing a monitor to watch movies with other people.

Viewsonic Elite XG270QG Monitor PortViewsonic Elite XG270QG Monitor Port

performance and performance

  • The Viewsonic XG270QG sports a sharp 27-inch flat display with anti-glare coating.
  • It supports a high refresh rate and is also very responsive with a 1ms response time.
  • This monitor offers the kind of display that is suitable for gaming, content creation and media consumption as well.

The Viewsonic Elite XG270QG sports a 27-inch 16:9 panel with a resolution of 2,560×1,440. It’s an IPS panel with what the company calls a “borderless” design. The bezels around the display are actually very thin, giving it a very modern look overall. It is also a high refresh-rate monitor with maximum refresh rate support of up to 165Hz. The combination of IPS and such a responsive panel makes it a solid choice for gamers. As noted by the company, the Elite XG270QG covers 100% of the sRGB color space.

Viewsonic XG270QG Monitor ReviewViewsonic XG270QG Monitor Review

It also covers up to 88% of the Adobe RGB space which essentially tells you what the display will be like while handling content-creation tasks. Lastly, it covers up to 98% of the DCI-P3 color space, which means it should also provide an enjoyable content consumption experience for movies and TV shows. The Elite XG270QG isn’t the brightest display on the market, with a peak brightness of 350 nits, though we suspect this will be an issue considering using the monitor indoors for gaming.

As far as gaming is concerned, we’ve used this monitor to play a wide variety of games, including visual demanding single player titles like God of War and some fast-paced multiplayer games like Apex Legends. The combination of IPS and high refresh rate, as we mentioned earlier, makes this a very responsive and enjoyable monitor for gaming. Unlike the TN panels, which are sharp and responsive, but appear muddy or blurry at times during gaming, the Elite XG270QG managed all titles with ease. The monitor’s overall performance was impressive for fast-paced multiplayer games, and so was the overall visual quality. Not to mention, it also supports G-SYNC Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology to reduce screen tearing. However, it’s only available via a DisplayPort connection, so keep that in mind.

Provided that you have hardware capable of pushing all games out at 1440p, you’re in for an absolute treat. Games like God of War, Elden Ring and Microsoft Flight Simulator ran surprisingly well at maximum resolution. The sharp visuals allowed us to see everything clearly in multiplayer titles like Valorant and Apex Legends. The monitor’s 1ms response time will also seal the deal for many. Whether it’s an action-packed multiplayer game or a visual masterpiece like Red Dead Redemption 2, the Elite XG270QG will make sure you’re playing them the way they’re meant to be played with its super-responsive and color-accurate panel.

It’s worth noting that we did see some light bleeding, especially during some scenes in pitch-black environments. You also aren’t going to get the best static contrast ratio with this panel or deep blacks. If you come from a VA panel, you may notice a significant difference in quality. However, many other pros outweigh these cons. Not to mention, these are some IPS symptoms that are not specific to this particular monitor.

Viewsonic Elite XG270QG review: Is it worth buying?

The Viewsonic Elite XG270QG offers a lot of great features and we think there’s a lot to like about this monitor. That being said, it is not for everyone.

Who Should Buy the Viewsonic Elite XG270QG Monitor?

  • If you are someone who is looking to buy a high end 1440p gaming monitor with support for high refresh rate and quick response time.
  • If you are in the market to buy a reliable 1440p monitor for gaming, content creation workloads and media consumption.
  • It’s a great monitor that offers impressive build quality and some thoughtful additions like a mouse bungee and headphone hook.
  • It’s also a solid option to consider if you want a G-Sync-supported panel for variable refresh rate (VRR).

Who shouldn’t buy the Viewsonic Elite XG270QG Monitor?

  • The Elite XG270QG doesn’t support HDR, so you may have to look elsewhere.
  • It’s not the best option for affordable shoppers as there are cheaper options out there, albeit with less exciting features.

The Viewsonic Elite XG270QG is an excellent 1440p gaming monitor to buy in 2022. It offers a great set of features, along with a sharp and color-accurate panel for gaming, content creation workloads, and more. This is one of the best looking monitors that should be ideal for most setups. The overall build quality is superb and we appreciate the additives as well. G-Sync support makes it a little more expensive than what we’re willing to pay for it, but there’s no denying that this is one of the best 1440p monitors out there. One that definitely deserves a place in our collection of the best gaming monitors.

    The Viewsonic XG270QG is one of the best options for those looking to invest in a high-end 1440p gaming monitor.

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