Apple Watch Series 8 may feature body temperature monitoring

Apple Watch is generally considered to be the best smartwatch option if you have an iOS device. Despite the Apple Watch Series 7 being out for only six months, rumors have been swirling about its successor, the Apple Watch Series 8, since early 2022. There have been reports that Apple will be focusing more on improving fitness tracking capabilities rather than packing. With this new sensor. In addition, some rumors have surfaced about the addition of a temperature sensor. It looks like if Apple can fix things, the temperature sensors on the Apple Watch may actually become a reality this year.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple had plans to add a temperature sensor to the Watch Series 7. But, Apple couldn’t make it work as accurately as it would have liked. According to Kuo, the technology uses a physical sensor and software algorithm. These two must work together for accurate readings. Kuo tells that “The algorithm failed to qualify before entering the EVT stage last year … The challenge in implementing accurate body temperature measurements is that skin temperature changes quickly depending on the external environment”.

Despite this, Kuo thinks that if Apple can get the hardware and software algorithms to work harmoniously, we could see the temperature sensor make its debut in the Apple Watch Series 8. Obviously, this issue is not unique to Apple. Kuo says that Samsung is also facing the same problem. Because of this, Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch will not include the ability to measure body temperature.

Some would consider the Apple Watch Series 7 to be an iterative update. The Watch Series 7 didn’t debut with a new processor or new sensor. Instead, the most notable changes from its predecessor included a bigger, brighter and more durable display. It will be interesting to see what kind of updates the Watch Series 8 will offer.

Source: Ming-Chi Kuo (Twitter)

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