Apple iPhones will soon be able to customize your car seats and temperature


Perhaps you will soon be able to control the air conditioning, radio, seats, instrument cluster and much more in your car with your iPhone. This can supposedly soon be possible with AutoPlay Functions in cars. According to a report on Bloomberg, Apple is working on a new technology, codenamed IronHeart, that will allow you to use CarPlay in a number of ways other than just taking calls and playing music.
The technology is still evolving and, according to the report, IronHeart will require the involvement of automakers as well. The report further suggests that the technology could use Apple’s Smart Home Push with HomeKit, an API accessed by cars with support for sensor communication and control. Surprisingly, in iOS 15, the company removed several API functions from SiriKit that may have helped control several things in the vehicles.
With BMW being the only major automaker to date to support Apple CarKey, it’s likely that the tech giant will get limited support.
While the new technology may not be part of the long-rumored electric car strategy, it can enhance the company’s expertise in vehicle technology. If the reports are to be believed, IronHeart technology can adjust things like temperature, humidity levels, speakers, equalizers, tweeters, subwoofers, armrests, speedometers, tachometers, seats, armrests and a few others depending on the vehicle and the features offered.
Apple’s rival Google may be a step behind on technology like this, but it has already closed the void by partnering with many major automakers like Ford, Honda, GM, and Polestar to add Android Automotive as the base for their user interface . While Google may be lacking in the above features, it has recently added a lot of new features as well Android Auto.


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