apple: Apple AirPods Pro has a new function for people with mild hearing loss


Apple Finally, Apple AirPods Pro adds a very important feature. The characteristic, Conversation spurt, is now available for Apple AirPods Pro and it’s designed for people with mild hearing loss to become a better part of the conversation.
The Conversation Boost feature is part of the same firmware update (4A400) that made the discovery AirPods Pro easier than before.
The new feature is part of AirPods Pro’s transparency mode and is expected to use Pro’s beamforming microphones to increase the volume during a call. Users also have the ability to manage the volume, change the gain, transparency, and tone of the voice.
To activate the feature, you need to install the latest firmware version on AirPods Pro. Usually, AirPods connected to the iPhone or iPad update automatically. If this isn’t the case for you, simply connect your AirPods Pro to the iPhone or iPad and go to Settings -> General -> About -> AirPods and check the firmware version.
After the update, you can now enable the feature by following the steps below:
Go to Settings and tap on the Accessibility option
Then tap Audio / Visual in the Heading section
Toggle Headphone Adjustments toggle to ‘On’
After that, look for the “Conversation Boost” option and turn it on
The feature is now activated on your AirPods Pro. You can also adjust the Conversation Boost parameters on the same page.


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