Apple and LG are reportedly collaborating on a foldable OLED screen

Apple is renowned for its sweet, mellow timing when it comes to releasing new technologies. This ensures that the products it sells do not feel like beta prototypes and are not as problematic as those sold by some other manufacturers. We have been seeing foldable phones for the past few years. However, they don’t all have the solid qualities you’d expect when buying a high-end product with a premium price tag. To date, the Cupertino tech giant has still not released any device with a foldable screen. However, this may change down the road. According to a report, Apple and LG Display are collaborating to make foldable OLED screens – potentially for future iPad and MacBook models.


Back in February, we learned that Apple might be working on a 20-inch Mac/iPad hybrid. Other than its screen size and the high probability that it’s years away, there isn’t much we know. a new report from Elec It added that LG Display is collaborating with Apple on a foldable OLED screen with an ultra-thin glass cover instead of polyimide. The panels are reportedly designed for tablets and notebooks. So we could potentially see them implemented in future iPad and MacBook models.

It is unclear whether the final device will be a new product with an independent lineup or just an upgrade to the existing iPad and/or MacBook lineup. Given that we probably won’t see an official product anytime soon, it’s really hard to imagine or predict Apple’s plans. If the quality doesn’t meet its standards, the company may even completely do the entire project from scratch. We’ll have to wait until the company announces or teases it around 2026.

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Source: Elec

Via: MacRumors

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