app: That could be Samsung’s answer to Apple’s ProRAW function


Samsung launched a new camera App to the galaxy Smartphones to provide a more complete photo experience while taking photos Raw Photos.
The new camera app called Extreme RAW offers multiframe-based 16-bit RAW support for all lenses, including telephoto, ultra-wide and primary sensor. The official announcement page for the app mentions that the new camera app will have more to offer, is in beta and will be released on the Galaxy Store. Apple already has a similar feature called ProRaw, which provides a “pro” experience on select iPhone models.
The community announcement page clearly states that the camera app will use a multiprocessing technique to compensate for noise, improve clarity and detail, and also expand the dynamic range to include a RAW image with more information from shadows to highlights to offer.
It’s not that the standard camera app does a bad job on Samsung smartphones. It’s already quite a feature-rich camera app as it has a number of camera modes like single take, slow motion, 8K video recording and also support for RAW mode. The RAW mode is limited to the ultra-wide and primary sensor of the smartphone.
With the new Extreme RAW camera app, Samsung expects to add this function to its telephoto and periscope also feelers.
In addition to expanded support for RAW mode, the beta camera app also offers HDR functionality, lossless JPEG support, Pro mode controls with the ability to tweak ISO, shutter speed, exposure, focus, etc. The app also offers the ability to directly export RAW photos to Adobe Lightroom.
The only limitation right now is support. The camera app is only available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Android 12 operating systems. The APK file for the app is already floating on the web, but we recommend installing it only if it’s available on the Galaxy Store for your smartphone.


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