anc: Boult Audio launches its affordable TWS earphones with ANC and 24 hours of battery life


Boult audio has expanded its TWS earbud range with the launch of AirBass SoulPods in India. The USP of the earphones is that they come with them Active noise cancellation (ANC) and has a 10 mm audio driver. The earphones are designed for a battery life of 24 hours.
AirBass SoulPods: price and availability
Boult Audio launched the TWS earbuds for Rs 2,499 and will go on sale through Flipkart. The earbuds come in two color options – black and white.
AirBass SoulPods: specifications
AirBass SoulPods comes with a 10 mm driver in conjunction with an active noise filtering processor and a battery life of 24 hours.
It features the latest in Bluetooth technology, which includes a high-end Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) chip and a rugged 10mm driver for pure performance. The earbuds also feature Ambient mode which enables you to recognize your surroundings by deactivating ANC with the push of a button.
It features an angled bud with extra soft silicone tips for added comfort during long periods of use. The body is equipped with an ABS shell that also protects it from water and sweat.
The earbuds also come with touch controls that allow users to adjust the volume, change tracks, take calls, or control your voice assistant.
The Boult Audio AirBass SoulPods have the latest Bluetooth technology, which not only contributes to faster pairing and more stable connectivity over longer distances, but also saves power.
As for the battery, the earphones are designed for a total battery life of 24 hours on a single charge, including the charging case.


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