Alexa will now let you know about people and packages arriving at your door

Being able to use the Amazon Echo with your Ring Doorbell is nothing new. But this latest feature added to Alexa takes it a bit further. Currently, if you have any type of Ring camera and an Amazon Echo Show, you can receive alerts and view the video feed on the display. Those cameras clearly have motion detection, and now, you’ll be able to use it with the best smart speakers to feature Alexa. And not just in the ring.

The new feature announced by Amazon will allow Alexa to notify you specifically if it detects people and packages. For example, motion detection on the Ring can be triggered by anything from cars to cats. This latest integration will use AI smarts to differentiate it from humans and cardboard boxes. pretty neat.

The feature will work with cameras and doorbells from Amazon-owned Ring as well as Abode and Google Nest. Sometimes it’s nice to see a little cross-platform collaboration. Devices to be added at a later date for people detection include the Google Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Floodlight, Nest Doorbell (battery), Abode IOTA and Abode Outdoor Camera. But in the beginning, if you use Ring you will be able to turn it on right away.

Finding packages is a bit more limited, with support for Ring included by Abode, but not Google Nest. And on the Ring front too, it’s initially only on Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and Ring Video Doorbell 2020.

This is all thanks to a new API from Amazon, which means there’s no good reason the feature can’t extend beyond just these three brands. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need to pay if your particular camera has a subscription attached. Google doesn’t currently charge for in-person detection, but Ring & Abode does charge. You’ll also be able to add the new feature to your Alexa routine. All you have to do is enable Camera Events in the Alexa app and ensure that your camera has the corresponding detection feature enabled.

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