Akamai suffers downtime, taking off half of the world’s internet

If you are having trouble loading certain websites or have had difficulty loading them, be aware that there has been an interruption in service. Content delivery platform Akamai briefly faced an outage (from 8:55 p.m.) that brought several important websites and apps to a standstill in India as well as in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and others. Because Akamai is a global company Content delivery network, large websites were also affected by an outage. The company from its official contact tweeted, “Akamai is experiencing an interruption in service. We are actively investigating the problem and will provide an update in 30 minutes. ”
Fortunately, the outage didn’t last long and most websites and apps are slowly crawling back online. Most websites rely on cloud service providers and content delivery networks (CDN) to deliver their content. Such a failure occurs when a particular service provider is faced with a technical malfunction. As Akamai faces an interruption, all of its customers will automatically experience website loading issues as Akamai is a popular global service provider.

Akamai has announced that the issue has been resolved and the services should be back online. “We have implemented a fix for this issue and based on recent observations, the service is back to normal. We will continue to monitor to make sure the effects have been fully mitigated, ”she tweeted.
Last month, the American cloud service provider Fastly reported a downtime that led to a major service outage on popular platforms such as Amazon, Reddit, Twitch, Financial Times, New York Times, Bloomberg News and others.


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