Acer introduces new “antimicrobial” laptops, tablets and 2-in-1 convertibles


Taiwanese PC manufacturer Acer has three new ‘antimicrobial‘Electronics products that include a laptop, 2-in-1 hybrid, and tablet. They are the TravelMate Spin P4 Hybrid that Acer Enduro Urban N3 laptop and Acer Enduro Urban T3 tablet.
The company presented them during its next @ Acer event. This is not the first time Acer has launched a product as an “antimicrobial” product; The company has only added three new products to its lineup of such products, a line of products it launched in 2020.
The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes “antimicrobial” as something capable of “destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, and particularly pathogenic microorganisms”.
According to Acer, the ‘Antimicrobial 360’ design of the products can kill the microorganisms with the help of the company. fight Silver ions antimicrobial Technology and antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass.
Antimicrobial silver ion technology
There is a silver ion coating on the outer high-touch surfaces of the devices such as the keyboard, touchpad, fingerprint reader, the outer part of the case, hinge, etc. According to the company, this coating will help fight bacteria growth.
According to the report, the silver ion coating “can lower bacterial counts after a 99.9 percent reduction to 1,000, based on International Organization for Standardization Test Protocol 22196,” which lists methods for testing the “antibacterial activity of antibacterial treated plastics” and other non-porous surfaces of products. ”
Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass
To improve the antimicrobial resistance of the devices, the company has worked on incorporating silver ions (Ag +) as an antimicrobial agent into Corning Gorilla Glass itself.
“It does this by washing traces of silver ions onto the glass surface to eliminate surface bacteria while providing other benefits such as improved durability and scratch resistance,” says Acer.
With this integration, customers can expect the glass surface to stay cleaner longer and be less prone to stains or odor-causing bacteria.


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