Skincare and makeup tips to detox your skin during lockdown

Now that we are home due to the lockdown and don’t need makeup it is the best time not only to detox our bodies but also our facial skin during this period. Deep cleanse the deep-seated impurities, the stale residue of makeup, dead skin debris which probably is accumulated in the pores by following these … Read more

50 Cheat Codes For Holistic Health And Wellness

Call them hacks, cheat codes, or plain smart work, these tips and tricks to holistic health are sure to help you! Read on for excerpts from Integrative Nutritionist, Gut Health Coach and Founder of GutAvatar and INUEN, Payal Kothari’s debut book, The GUT. 1. Your ‘six best doctors’ are freely available: sunshine, air, water, nutrition, … Read more

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