10 Best Minecraft Parkour Servers You Shouldn’t Miss (2022)

If you look at the world-building in Minecraft 1.18, the role of parkour in the game becomes very clear. Whether you’re trying to climb the highest Minecraft mountains or fight a battle against different hordes, quick construction and parkour are essential to survival. But unless you are on the best Minecraft parkour maps, there is no way you can learn and fully enjoy the significant experience in the game. That’s why we have listed the best Minecraft parkour servers for action-packed gameplay in this article. You can use them to compete with friends, go on adventures and polish your parkour skills. With that said, let’s dive right in!

Best Minecraft Parkour Server (April 2022)

Parkour and fall damage usually go hand in hand. So make sure you know several ways to avoid falling damage in Minecraft. Plus, the list isn’t ranked, so use the table below to locate each parkour server at your convenience.


  • java address: hub.opblox.com
  • Base Address: bedroom.opblocks.com

Living up to its name, our first pick of the best Minecraft parkour servers is Prabal (OP). this is filled with custom game, Including prison breaks, boss fights, dungeons and even a custom skyblock. Beyond Games is a whole world of creative parkour mini-games, and nearly each of them have daily challenges to keep you engaged.


Like other popular Minecraft servers, OPBlocks has a friendly active community, responsive staff, and exceptional quality content. And if the challenges aren’t enough for you, there are also several server searches you can explore.

2. Jumpcraft

  • java address: play.jumpcraft.org

Most servers have parkour content as an additional offering but not Jumpcraft. this is Over 800 Parkour Zones, And its creators keep adding new ones every day. You can compete with other players, complete challenges, and even earn points to rank up. In many ways, this server turns Minecraft into a dedicated parkour game.

Jumpcraft - Best Minecraft Parkour Server

The drawback of this server is that it Exclusive for Java players, and it’s not as active as most servers. But if you add your friends along with you, then this is a wonderful place to visit. However, even without the others, there are a plethora of parkour courses to keep you on the server.

3. Mineplex

  • java address: us.mineplex.com
  • Base Address: pe.mineplex.com

As well as a part of our best Minecraft servers list, Mineplex is one of the most well-known servers in the entire community. It has tons of great mini-games, exclusive content, and the most reliable back-end. But what it is best known for is Huge number of active players With whom you can compete and collaborate at any time.

mineplex screenshot

As far as the content of parkour is concerned, it is one of the best Minecraft servers and has tons of fun mini-games and dedicated courses. So yes, if you are looking for variety in and around parkour maps, this is the server you should join. Not to forget, the active number of players on it is also a major bonus.

4. Minero

  • java address: zero.minr.org

This entry on our list of the best parkour servers is the third oldest Minecraft server in the world to ever exist. And well, it’s dedicated to parkour and challenges. so you get access Lots of mini-games, tons of parkour courses, and dozens of puzzles to entertain you. The servers have 500+ challenges, and they all aim to hone your hardcore Minecraft skills.

miner minecraft parkour server

But don’t get overwhelmed by the challenging nature of this server as it includes a dedicated area for beginners. So, whether you’ve been playing for a decade or just started yesterday, this server is here to accommodate your skill level. And if you rank high enough on the server, it also invites you to create your own future challenges.

5. Happy HG Network

  • java address: mc.happy-hg.com

Our next server is not only a parkour server, but if it were, it would be the most unique server. It has about 100 parkour challenges, and each of them follows a unique theme. There Parkour Maps Minecraft Biomes Dedicated to Mobs, and even foods. Some of these servers also include special spells and give players special jumps, sprints, and more.

Happy HG Network - Best Minecraft Parkour Server

In addition to parkour, the server also offers survival, skyblock, creative and puzzle game modes. So, even though it doesn’t have many active players, the server does everything in its power to keep you entertained even during your break periods away from parkour.

6. Play in a Box

  • java address: playinabox.minehut.gg

Our next best Minecraft parkour server looks like any other popular server on the surface. It has various game modes, including survival, PVP, SMP, and more. But the most interesting thing about this server is that it Allows players to create their own parkour courses and list them on the server. Other players can try out these custom courses by paying with in-game stars.

play in a box

The community-based parkour world of this Minecraft server makes for an unforgettable experience. And if you’re planning Build your own Minecraft server for parkouring is a great place to get community opinion on your creations.

7. Triumphia

  • java address: org.triumphia.net
  • Base Address: org.triumphia.net : 25848

Triumphia is a simple yet fun Minecraft server that offers a similar experience to both Bedrock and Java players. You can either enjoy the old days of vanilla or fight factions to make huge money in the game. and for parkour sessions, Server has 100+ amazing and long courses, Even though you technically can’t crossplay between the two versions, the same world of servers means you can still experience the same courses and compete with your friends.


Thanks to the level-based increasing difficulty, this is one of the best Minecraft servers to learn parkour from scratch. It also has in-game leaderboards and time tracking, but you can also use its simple tracks to develop your skills at 3 levels of difficulty.

8. Upcraft

  • java address: mc.upcoin.world

Now that the world has dedicated crypto browsers, it’s no surprise that Minecraft servers are also following the trend. Upcraft combines the world of blocks with the conversation of the blockchain in it crypto-themed server, Almost all of its players are crypto enthusiasts, but its parkour courses are enough to keep you busy, even if you’re not one.

Upcraft - Best Minecraft Parkour Server

The parkour courses on this server are inspired by the dynamic trend of crypto graphs. The ups and downs certainly look like good parkour spots, and now you can try them, too. But even with such a creative concept, the main drawback of this server is that it tempts users to get “upcoins” for infrastructure like teleportation.

9. UltimisMC

  • java address: bms.ultimismc.com

This is one of the best Minecraft parkour servers because it tries to engage as many Java players as possible. It runs on the latest Minecraft version 1.18, but also accepts players from much older versions. Also, it is one of the very limited cracked servers. So, even if you can’t verify your copy of Minecraft for some reason, you can still play on this server.

UltimisMC - Best Minecraft Parkour Server

Beyond the usual game modes, it has a fun close-range race-like parkour set. So, you can compete with other players not only with score or time but also in real time. But if you’re not confident in your skills yet, you also have the option of practicing on regular parkour courses. Additionally, unlike most of the servers on our list, UltimisMC’s parkour courses aren’t just blocks floating in the sky. Instead, they focus more on closed structures that are less overwhelming for new players.

10. Cyclone Network

  • java address: cylonemc.net
  • Base Address: mc.cylonemc.net

Last but not least, we are ending our list of best Minecraft parkour servers with Cyclone Network. It has several game modes for you to explore, including exclusive Cooperative Parkour Course, You and your friends can look forward to a unique shared parkour experience. But if you’re not up for it, there are 4 sets of individual parkour courses, each with its own difficulty level.

ceylon network

The servers also have some special jump courses if you consider yourself a skilled player even for the toughest levels. Here, you can try some typical parkour jumps, and honestly, none of my friends reached their ultimate level.

Test Your Skills on the Top Minecraft Parkour Servers

With this, you now have a collection of the best Minecraft parkour maps where you can polish your parkour skills and show them off to your friends and the rest of the community. However, if jumping random blocks without a quest isn’t what you’re looking for, our list of the best Minecraft survival servers may provide a better alternative. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that none of the parkour servers allow Minecraft mods. However, you can still install Optifine on almost all of them to improve graphics with the best shaders in Minecraft. But really, you don’t need mods to look different on these parkour servers. Instead, you can choose the best Minecraft skins to make your character unique without much effort. With that said, which parkour server are you going to try out? Tell us in the comments below!

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